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Citrus Memory

The first activity that took place in a shared courtyard was called “Citrus Memory”! At the end of February, a few warm days allowed us to go out to the shared courtyard and make a dessert, called “nerantzaki”, from fruits we collected from the neighbourhood citrus trees. This dessert is the product of a collective effort of local residents, turning the bitter fruit into something sweet. It took time, effort, and the presence of everyone. 
But why “nerantzaki”? Citrus trees can be found abundantly in Nikea. Their fruits are usually bitter and cannot be eaten. Similarly, Nikea also carries bitter memories of events that have happened here, in the past. These events relate to the tragic event of the Executions of Kokkinia in 1944, the impunity of those responsible for it and their subsequent collective oblivion; as well as more recent violent events by assault battalions formed in our neighbourhood. These bitter events were a call to create something brighter and more optimistic through collective solidarity and creative co-existence as residents, as well as the cultivation of a reacquired collective and individual memory. The dessert was also packaged and decorated collectively, and we will have the opportunity to enjoy it together in the near future!

Idea: Markos Papoutsakis  - Participation & Organization: Kyriaki Papathanasopoulou,  Aristodimos Komninos, Giota Dakomitou Katrini, Debbie Hondrobilas, Elena Gianetaki, Eleni Katrini, Takis Hondrobilas, Sofia Hondrobila, Dimitris, Eleni, Tasia, Antonia, Mary, Adamantia.

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