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Home at the Table

The pinnacle of our events in the courtyards were two collective theatrical dinners, called “Home at the Table”. Our guide for the dinners was the research realized by the team APARAMILLON about the refugee houses of Nikea during the preparation for the theatrical play “the Home”, which took place at the Archaeological Museum of Chios for the festival “All of Greece One Culture 2022”.

Each dinner had as its main goal to invite residents from the adjacent neighborhood at the center of the courtyard to meet, eat together, and chat. We provoked discussions on key issues like the parallel stories of settlement of the residents in the neighborhood, the future of the shared courtyards, as well as the defense of the collective everyday life they promote. Of course, we also ate, had a drink or two, and danced till late, even when it started raining on one of the two evenings! From what was shared with us, it seemed that there was a need in the neighborhood both for the festivities but also for deeper and more meaningful interactions and discussions.

We are deeply thankful to: Aparamillon for the facilitation of the discussion, and specifically Dimitris Bampilis, Irini Kyriakou, and Thanasis Kritsakis, the restaurant Faganio for the delicious food they provided, the pastry shop Aslanoglou for their great treats and the band Ek Pireos (Dimitris Filipopoulos, Stavors Maxouris, Ilias Spathis & Giorgos Krionas) for the music that accompanied our second dinner.

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